So, hi, welcome. I’m your host, Laurie. A front-end web developer (code diva) who specializes in standards-compliant HTML/CSS and WordPress. I’m also v-e-r-y slowly renovating our house (the real-life Rauch Motel) into something a little more unique and a little bit prettier. And I’m on a quest to eradicate the incredibly bad design and even worse DIY that permeates our house (like the falling-off-the-wall faux-brick backsplashes and crown moulding masquerading as chair rail).

My blogging life has gone through a few incarnations and a few sites, from my time as a copywriter for a large department store, through my editing life, to today, where I talk about the house, my quest to start eating better, my addictions to HGTV, & what’s playing on my TV, and a little bit of WordPress and web development.

Oscar in his couch fort I live just north of Toronto, Canada, with my guy, TJ, and our totally spoiled but absolutely adorable dog, Oscar, in a house that has a ton of potential, but is currently a bit of a mess (both figuratively and literally). So, even though we’re not the handiest of couples, I’m determined to turn the bit of a mess into the fabulousness I see in my head…

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