Word of the Year

It’s after midnight, and I’m just finishing up work for the day. Yes, I started at about 10:30 this morning, with a break midday to run out for a personal appointment, but that’s still a good 11 or 12 hours I’ve spent at the computer. And it got me thinking about this year and what I want to accomplish.

I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers are setting a Word for their year – a word that represents the tone they want to set for 2013. And while I jokingly declared this year the year of Laurie, I think I need a word to aim for too.

So my word this year?


Less time spent staring at my computer and not at real people.

Less (okay fewer, so we can be grammatically correct) missed soccer times and long walks with Oscar.

Less stuff cluttering up my house and keeping it from being the sanctuary I want it to be.

Less crap cluttering up my mind and less holding on to past hurts.

Less food that isn’t good for my body and isn’t worth the calories.

Less (fewer, again < g >) excuses for why I don’t have time to exercise or to take Laurie time.

Really, just less bad stuff and more letting in the good stuff.

Because joking or not, this is the Year of Laurie. 🙂

What’s your word of the year? Did you write a post about it? Add your link to the comments so I can check it out…

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