That whole starting fresh thing

Welcome to Add a Little Pretty!

I’ve been playing with the design for months, trying to get it just right, and adding all the cool stuff to make this theme even more exciting, but, more and more I’m finding myself blogging in my head, so today, we start doing it for reals (and it helps to have content to show off all that cool stuff…).

I have gone through a few incarnations of my blogging life – from my time as a copywriter to editing for a romance publisher and a false start as The Rauch Motel (Which is funny when you know my name but gets odd looks when you don’t. <g> ), but I think this one is the right fit.

The plan for the new blog is to share my quest to add a little pretty to my life – in my style, in my home, in my body, and in my work. So, we’ll talk some DIY, some fashion, some recipes, and even some WordPress and blogging tips and tricks.

The new design is a highly modified version of Instamate by Graph Paper Press, though I borrowed from some of their other themes for functionality and added a whole lot of pretty to the look (or at least a whole lot of pink).

So here’s to a little more pretty on the web…

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